Flying V Farm is a cooperatively run, worker owned/operated farm. There are four member-owners who started the farm in January 2018 in the popular Apple Hill area of Placerville, California.


—  our worker-owners  —

Flying V Farm is a worker-owned organic farm business. Our founding members, Cody Curtis, Grayson Curtis, Brenna Lanton, and Lucy O'Dea operate in a cooperative governance structure, which means that all worker-owners have equal stake in the business. Within this structure, we designate management roles and strive for a productive, balanced, and respectful work environment. Our name, Flying V Farm, is an ode to the formation in which birds migrate. We find inspiration in the subtle cooperation and communication that birds display in their migration paths.

We owe so much to our friends and mentors along this journey in becoming a worker-owned organic farm. From the fruit and soil gurus, the organizers dedicated to making cooperatives a viable choice for California farmers, & to our former farm bosses and friends who taught us patience, skill, and joy in the fields--Thank you!

We welcome any and all inquires about the worker-owner business model and hope to inspire other farmers and business to consider this path.


from left to right: Lucy O'Dea, Brenna Lanton, Grayson Curtis, & Cody Curtis